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Asteroid: Mission Extreme takes audiences on a journey 65 million years in the making to discover how asteroids are both a danger and an opportunity for those of us on planet Earth.
Director: Annette Sotheran-Barnett
Writers: Mose Richards, Annette Sotheran-Bennett
Narrator: Sigourney Weaver
Narrator: Can Koray
Presented by National Georaphic
and Lockheed Martin

Cell! Cell! Cell! This is the story of the trillions of cells that form our bodies, from our beginnings as a single cell to the complexity of a whole body: it’s the story of who we are.
Produced by: NSC Creative
NSC Creative is an award winning computer animation studio
Surround Mixing: Can Koray
Produced by NSC Creative

Follow the monarchs’ perilous journey and join hundreds of millions of real butterflies in the remote mountain peaks of Mexico, with breathtaking cinematography from an award winning team including Oscar® winner Peter Parks.
Director: Mike Slee
Writer: Wendy MacKeigan, Mike Slee,Phil Streather
Narrated by:Megan Follows
Turkish Dubbing:Can Koray
SK Films is an award-winning content provider

Discover what it means to live in today’s connected world with Habitat Earth, an award-winning film that takes viewers on a journey through the vast networks of life on Earth.
Director: Ryan Wyatt
Writer: Ryan Wyatt
Narrator: Frances McDormand
Narrator: Can Koray
Surround Mixing: Can Koray
Produced by California Academy of Sciences

MYSTERIES OF THE UNSEEN WORLD transports audiences to places on this planet that they have never been before, to see things that are beyond their normal vision, yet literally right in front of their eyes.
Director: Louie Schwartzberg
Writer: Mose Richards (as Frederick Richards)
Narrator: Forest Whitaker
Narrator: Can Koray
Presented by National Georaphic

Phantom of the Universe is an an exciting exploration of dark matter, from the Big Bang to its anticipated discovery at the Large Hadron Collider.
Director: Joao Pequenao Molestie
Writer: R. Michael Barnett
Writer: Carey Ann Strelecki
Narrator: Tilda Swinton
Narrator: Can Koray
Produced by CERN Nuclear Research

8K Resolution - To Space & Back takes audiences on an incredible journey from the far reaches of our known universe to our own planet. What is happening above is coming back down to Earth!.
Narrator: James May
Narrator: Can Koray
Produced by The Franklin Institute